Choosing the perfect rug - by Noémie Meijer

HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR RUG ? by Noémie Meijer

NOÉMIE MEIJER - Decorator and interior designer

By: Aurélie ROUTHIER

Since the pandemic, the need to make your home a cocoon, a place of comfort and well-being, has increased. Rugs, whether large or small, nude or coloured, have the ability to bring harmony, conviviality and softness to your home, both to the eye and to the touch. But you still need to choose it well! 

To help you choose your rug, Noémie Meijer, interior designer and architect, has agreed to give us her precious decorating advice.

How do you know if you need a rug?

A rug always brings a warm, cosy, welcoming feeling. For me, it's a must-have in a bedroom and in a living room. But honestly, you can put it in any room, adapting its material to the functionality of the room (especially easy maintenance for "technical" rooms: entrance, kitchen, bathroom).

If your room lacks harmony, coherence, conviviality, if it resonates, if the furniture seems to be "just sitting there", the carpet can be the key to linking the different elements together and designing the conviviality zone, highlighting the main function of the room.

How to choose a rug?

First of all, you have to choose it according to the volume of the room; very often, you choose it too small. If you're not sure, I always recommend the size above rather than below!

You should also make sure that you can pass the front feet of the seats over the rug: it will cover the space more nicely, and you are more sure of having the right dimensions.

I also recommend matching it to the floor... or to the seats/furniture that will be placed on it, but not to both! You have to choose at least one of the two materials.

If the carpet is coloured, it can be an interesting starting point for the rest of the room: combine it with a cushion or a curtain or an armchair in one of its colours, and you're done!

I use rugs in all rooms: living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hallway, office, etc. The trick is to adapt the material to the room: in a technical room like the kitchen or bathroom, choose a rug that is easy to wash regularly, without too long a pile. In a bedroom, you should choose a soft rug for the gentle touch under your feet.

In the living/dining room, it all depends on how you use these spaces, but think practicality in everyday life (comfort, cosiness, patterns, brightness...).

Which rug colour for which atmosphere?

White/ecru/beige will bring softness and luminosity. Perfect for unifying a busy interior, for example, or for a refined, minimalist spirit if the rest of the décor is also harmonised.

Darker colours (black, grey, khaki, navy blue, etc.) will bring depth: perfect for a very intimate, cosy atmosphere.

Stronger colours (red, blue, green, yellow, pink, etc.) and patterns will add character to a softer/neutral environment: perfect for a child's room, an office, a busy space.

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