Everything changed when an object from the past put me on the path to the future. A rug that was over 60 years old, woven by my Portuguese grandmother with old linen torn by my father…

Christelle Rasteiro • Founder of SAUDADE

Saudade was born from a memory that of my ancestors in Portugal who at night tore their old clothes and linens into strips of fabric to create mantas de trapos, literally rag blankets.

Saudade was born from a transmission, a rug woven by my grandmother that I have walked on at all stages of my life. From lunches on the grass to evenings under the stars, at home and away, it follows me. And it will follow my children.

Saudade was born from a comeback to the paths of my father’s village, Aldeia da Ponte, where I rediscovered these fabulously resilient and optimistic people. Finding these roots gave me wings.

Saudade is a new outlook on traditional craftsmanship. It draws resources for our future from the past. It is the victory of the discarded over the new. It remembers, preserves and transmits.

Saudade was born from the conviction  that we have to rethink our production methods. Give meaning to our consumption. Support those who create beautiful pieces with their own hands, far from standardisation and fashion fads.

I imagined a new way of experiencing your interior that is more responsible, personal and free. For a long time.

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