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Our mission:
transform losses into resources

Reviving materials at the end of their lifecycles has always existed, long before the word upcycling was even invented. It had been at the heart of Portuguese weaving for centuries.

This weaving method was not guided by the imperatives of our endangered planet, but simply by the scarcity of resources. Nothing was thrown away, everything was cherished and had to last as long as possible. “Second lives” were endless. It is surely thanks to this constraint that our grandmothers developed their inventiveness.

Upcycling means recycling “to the top”: transforming objects or materials at the end of their lifecycle in order to give them a new and even more beautiful life. Turning the undesirable into desirable.

Rugs made differently. 100% sustainable.

Saving fabric

We now know that textile production is the second most polluting industry in the world, a tragedy for our planet. What is most unacceptable is that 10% of this textile raw material goes unused and ends up thrown away.

Every second, the equivalent of a truckload of textile waste is incinerated or dumped in landfills. This amounts to nearly 90 million tonnes of unused fabric every year and unnecessary pollution.

These leftovers are the basis of Saudade rugs: discontinued products, fabric surplus when cutting clothes, spools of unused thread from non-compliant batches.

And taking care of the planet

By creating a new object without producing anything, we are saving our natural resources and reducing textiles’ carbon footprint.

We are doing our bit to protect the environment. On a small scale, we are proud to be taking part in the great circular economy. Preparing the future begins with respecting the present and taking care of things like the people around us.

The most beautiful packaging is the one that does not pollute.

We are committed to exploring the most innovative solutions to ensure our rugs are 100% sustainable, from manufacturing to delivery. Packaging remains essential and we often overlook its dramatic impact on the environment, especially when it comes to plastic.

Taking part in the « zero waste » virtuous circle.

Orders leave our workshop in reusable covers made from recycled materials: scraps from boat sails or old tarps. These materials offer incredible resistance. Saudade’s delivery covers are resistant, light, practical and easy to return to us. Covers can therefore be used over 50 times without losing their protective properties. We save unnecessary packaging and avoid saturating your trash… and the planet with plastic.

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