Limited Edition Marie Bathellier

The SAUDADE team is delighted to present the limited edition Marie Bathellier co-created with Marie Bathellier.

Our artistic collaboration with Marie Bathellier was born of a meeting between Marie Bathellier, an artist and painter from the Ile d'Yeu, and Christelle Rasteiro, founder of SAUDADE.

Inspired by the works of Marie Bathellier, this elegant and timeless collection is composed of a triptych woven from three rugs. Each piece transports us to one of the three natural elements that make us live, love and breathe: Ocean, Earth and Sun.

Very soft to the touch, Marie Bathellier's rugs art are hand-woven in Portugal from recycled cotton threads.

Versatile, the rugs art adapt to all your spaces, becoming either wall rugs or floor paintings.

Marie Bathellier rugs art bring nature into your home and take you on a trip to the Atlantic coast.

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Ocean rug
Navy, Pearl, Cream, Saudade Blue
From 690€
Earth rug
Black, Sand, Ecru, Khaki
From 690€
Sun rug
Black, Saffron, Ecru, Khaki
From 690€
Lamego cushion | Sand & White
90.00 €
Lamego cushion | Sand & Khaki
90.00 €
Lamego cushion | Cream & Khaki
90.00 €
Lamego cushion | Cream & Saudade Blue
90.00 €
Lamego cushion | Cream & Black
90.00 €
Lamego cushion | Sand & Black
90.00 €
Lamego cushion | Terracotta & White
90.00 €
Lamego cushion | Khaki & White
90.00 €
Lamego cushion | Saudade Blue & White
90.00 €
Lamego cushion | Black & White
90.00 €
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