More than a rug,
a journey, a feeling, a way of life.

We are made of thread and stories.
All our rugs are handmade by weavers in the North of Portugal, from 100% upcycled textile materials. Infinitely customisable, imagine your Saudade way of life.

Created just for you

100% upcycled

Directly from Portugal

Our Collection


Every year, around 90 million tonnes of fabric waste are generated by the textile industry worldwide. Our rugs are made from these “leftover” yarns and cotton jersey. More than a rug, Saudade is an upcycling initiative made in Portugal.


The world changes. So do objects from our daily life. They have to adapt to our lives. Invent and reinvent themselves with us, season after season.
Saudade rugs have been designed to be experienced effortlessly, on one side or the other, on the floor or on the wall.



Sintra rug

A tribute to the architectural richness of legendary Sintra, stitched with dreams and reality. Slit lines subtly bring out the purity of this design.
Hymn to the chic simplicity of superb Comporta. Its lines, as if in weightlessness, remind us of the rice fields between land and ocean.
Its lined design reminds us of the thousand horizons that emerge, wave after wave, from the village of Nazaré.

Braga 1979

Its multicolored lines will mesmerize all eyes. This rug will bring softness and originality to your interior. Versatile, you can move it as you wish at home, and why display it like a painting on the wall, or bring it to a picnic or at the beach. Machine washable, without risk of alteration.
Yoga mats

Yoga Mat Pink Horizonte

This yoga mat’s design is an interpretation of the infinite horizons that stretch from the Beira Alta mountains, in the north of Portugal. These yoga mats have limited availability as we depend on the scraps we receive from the textile industry. They are ideal for soft practice or to use over an exercise mat.

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