Thread and talent

At Saudade, we have a fresh take on an age-old craft. The art of weaving is inextricably linked with Portuguese history and is deeply rooted in the intimacy of families who, for generations, have crafted their own “mantas de trapos ou farrapos”.

We work hand in hand with our Portuguese weavers, with no intermediaries. After months of discussion to achieve the perfect design and colour, they bring the designer’s sketch to life. More than rug makers, they are real material artists.

Saudade Rugs hand crafted in 5 steps


Raw materials used in Saudade rugs come from the recycling of discontinued products from the textile industry, “fallen” scraps during cuts, unused spools of thread that do not comply with specifications or colour palettes. This quality material, often new, is sold as is or torn into strips of 1 or 2 cm.


Strips of jersey fabric are sorted, disentangled and balled by colour. These “tirela” or strips may vary in colour or weight depending on the material sourced. Spools of cotton thread are selected and sorted according to colour and weight.


Creativity and precision in the selection and assembly of thread and rags are essential to the harmony and quality of the rug. To create a colour with depth and originality, our craftspeople will have to select the different shades which, when put together, form a beautiful “loop”. This is where their true talent is at its most perceptible.


The rug is woven by hand on a fully mechanical loom, from these rags and loops of thread. It takes several hours and two people to make a rug. It can take up to several days for particular designs. The warp preparation phase is long but essential in order to guarantee the rug’s quality and resistance. The beater sets the pace and thus determines the density of the canvas. Depending on the raw material’s density, weavers will have to adapt thread tension to obtain the best result.


The embroidered label is sewn by hand and the edges reinforced with a cuff. The rug is gently rolled up and placed in its reusable cover.

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