Saudade creations reflect the blend of traditional crafts from yesteryear and modern artistic interpretations. A crossroad between Portugal and France. A reconciliation with the past through creative blending and weaving. Inspirations brought to life by French artist Delphine Chopard.

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Discover our 5 fabulous designs, designed as an invitation to travel to an iconic city of Portugal. Enjoy endless customisation for the rug that will seduce you.

Comporta rug

210 - 3150 eur

Nazaré rug

150 - 2250 eur

Sintra rug

210 - 3150 eur

Evora rug

210 - 3150 eur

Tavira rug

95 - 1200 eur

Lagos Rug

50 - 1060 eur

Lamego Rug

320 - 1070 eur
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