Fadia TEIXEIRA - Responsible of Archik in Lisbon

Par Marie Puzenat

Fadia invited us to her home, in her new apartment in Lisbon. We discovered her interior with a view on the Tagus river, and she shared with us the art of living that she weaves here, bit by bit. 

Who is Fadia?  

My name is Fadia Teixeira. I arrived with my family in Lisbon in September 2020, after spending 7 years in London. We had been thinking about moving to Portugal for a long time, as my husband is from here. We used to come to Lisbon regularly and saw the city blossom. Each time we travelled we said to ourselves: "One day, we'll come and live here". That day has come and we are very happy about it. 

What is the art of living in Lisbon for you?

It's gentle. This gentleness struck me from the very first visit. 

When we first moved in, it was almost hard to slow down, but you soon get used to it and it's very pleasant. 

The Tagus in the distance and a cream Comporta carpet with yellow stripes

Why a Saudade rug?

I discovered Christelle and her project in the book Portugal by Sergio da Silva. I went to Saudade's instagram account and fell in love with the lines of the Comporta rug. I then read about the history of the project and met Christelle...

It was a beautiful meeting. And then there is this parallel in our respective projects which have a lot in common. Promoting the Portuguese art of living and know-how are things that are close to our hearts. 

The Saudade project is superb for that: to make Portuguese craftsmen work, while modernising this craft! It gives a new lease of life to these workshops with handcrafted pieces that finally find their place in our homes.

I loved being able to make my rug. It is unique. I chose the colour with Christelle, based on our discussions and her patience. 

Your rug flies, where does it take you? 

I fly and above all, I don't want to land! (laughs) I fly over the desert, over the oceans. I am the Vasco da Gama of the air. 

And when he brings you home, what do you long for?

My daughter and my husband. Still (laughs). I like being at home with them. That's why I enjoy decorating my home: we create our nests, our love cocoons to feel good. Sometimes I feel like a little bird, happy to have my own cosy nest.

If your rug could talk, what would it tell us about its new family?

That it's very lively at home, there are always friends at home and my 3 year old daughter walks all over him. One thing is certain: he is not bored. He is quite busy. But isn't that the life of a happy carpet? 

Your last moment of wonder?

It was in January just before the reconfiguration. I took my car with a girlfriend. We went to Caparica for lunch and then we went swimming. It was the middle of January, the water was cool but I needed to swim one last time before the lockdown. 

At that moment, I told myself that it was a dream to live in Lisbon, so close to the ocean that gives me a sense of freedom. Since then I have promised myself to go swimming at least once a week. 

Justine Dupont, on 11 February 2020 in Nazaré - Photo by Hugo Silva

Who inspires you ? 

My mother is my rock, I draw a lot from her strength to find my own. 

Otherwise, I met Justine Dupont at the premiere of her film Hell and Heaven, a documentary that follows her in Nazaré, where she surfed one of the biggest waves in the world. I loved her energy, her simplicity. 

That's what I like about Portugal: you meet a lot of simple people who do extraordinary things.

At Saudade we believe that everyone, object and human, has the right to a second life. What will you do in yours?

Why one? I would like to have a thousand lives. Give me a thousand! 

If I had to choose, I would say an opera singer. That's what I dreamed of as a child. I've always had a passion for the Opera: the emotions that the singers and the orchestra send us. I miss those moments of wonder. 

What is your definition of Saudade?

It's something intimate and creative: I think melancholy is beautiful, it allows me to appreciate the moments of wonder. And saudade is not always sad. For example, Fado is sometimes sung with joy and gaiety. It makes us want to enjoy life even more. 

Can you present your project, Archik? 

It all started with a beautiful meeting in Hossegor, with our feet in the sand, facing the ocean. 

The concept of Archik is to create an art of living, an art of living.  When you buy a flat, beyond the real estate transaction, there is a lifestyle.  We find our clients a flat, accompany them in the renovation (if necessary) and in the imagination of the interior, through collaborations with designers, local craftsmen, and sometimes our own editions.

Archik, makes sense in Lisbon, with its gentle way of life, its incredible pool of craftsmen and its beautiful architecture.

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A house in Lisbon, like a summer dream.
A house in Lisbon, like a summer dream.
The eye of the artist, the hand of the craftsman.
The eye of the artist, the hand of the craftsman.
Materials to live by. Facing the Ocean
Materials to live by. Facing the Ocean
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