3 highlights from the Soul of Lisbon

Soul of Lisbon, guide de Fanny Pechiodat & Lauriane Gepner

Editions Jonglez

Quoting a French tourist guide when you are a Portuguese brand and a (half) Portuguese founder may seem a little surprising. However…

This guide was written by an outstanding discoverer. Long before she created MylitteParis, Fany Pechiodat was already a trailblazer who discovered the unusual, had a 6th sense for new experiences and would happily munch on anything edible. We can easily understand why magnetic Lisbon appealed to her.

After Tokyo, Soul of Lisbon is the second stop on the "Soul of" collection. In its preamble, a single warning: "in this guide, you will neither find the typical and boring dining joint nor the 28 tram route". We wanted to share with you 3 addresses that are also on the Saudade team’s bucket list.

Grilled fish at the Ponto Final restaurant

15 short minutes by boat to cross the Tagus and whet your appetite. A long evening between land, sea and sky that we wish to be endless. With a little luck, you will be seated at the small table at the end of the pier. Further confirmation that luxury is not always where you think it is!

Memmo Alfama hotel

Hidden in the Alfama, the hotel is a little gem with a breath-taking view of the maze of rooftops and the sea. (Almost) simple, we love everything there, from the red pool to the vinyl frame gallery… so Saudade!

Embaixada concept store

We love this former half decadent, half opulent Moorish palace which now houses young brands from Portuguese designers and promising artists. Prepare to fall in love! Fun fact we did not know about: the French "Maison Close" series were filmed there.

The art of weaving the living
The art of weaving the living
Light hearts on winter garden
Light hearts on winter garden
"I'll go away smiling in the Paradis Doux"
"I'll go away smiling in the Paradis Doux"
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