By : Aurélie Routhier and Camille Duval

If you dream of vibrant colors and sun that never fades, you will be seduced by the magic of Lagos in the southern Algarve.

Walk along its patterned streets and its colorful and arty facades,...and end up in its clear water beaches, known to be among the warmest in Portugal.

Let’s embark on this Lagos journey


Ponta da Piedade 

Ponta da Piedade is a must-see in the Algarve. This natural reserve is breathtaking : translucent water, cliffs in which the sunlight seems to reflect, caves of incredible beauty.

Our personal favorite : The trip in a small fisherman's boat that will take you to the caves of Ponta da Piedade. A magical excursion.

Praia do Camilo

It is by a long wooden staircase that you can reach this little gem of a beach. The ochre tones of its cliffs  make this beach a unique place in Lagos. From May, for the ones who don't mind the cold, swimming in its clear waters is a delight!

Our guilty pleasure : enjoying a sun-colored cream Bolinha after your swim. These typical doughnuts are sold by the locals directly on the beach.

Meia Praia

A fine sandbank with a unique bright horizon...What else? A little further away from the center of Lagos, this beach runs for five kilometers. 

Why we like it : ideal for surfing. And for yogis, experience it at sunrise or sunset. Don't forget to bring your Saudade yoga mat, which is also a perfect beach partner!


Casa Mãe 

Located just a few steps away from Meia Praia, this old family house from the 19th century is one of the most beautiful places to stay in Lagos. If you like the Saudade atmosphere, you'll love this boutique hotel with its 100% made in Portugal decoration.

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Morgado do Quintão

Looking for some quality time under a hundred-year-old olive tree, with a glass of Negra Mole or Crato Branco in hand? For epicureans, this quinta is the perfect place for a refreshing getaway. Located only 35 km from Lagos, this family-run vineyard is the place to go to get off the beaten tracks. Far from mass tourism, you will be cherished by gourmet hosts.

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Vila Monte

Vila Monte is the perfect family vacation spot. This hotel as simple as  chic and offers a rustic environment. We love this place for its meditation workshops based on the lunar calendar, its view of the Algarve's hilly landscapes, and its interior design signed by Vera Ischia, pioneer of the Comporta style that we adore.

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Mar d'Estórias

A café-restaurant, an art gallery, a bookstore, an handcrafted objects boutique : at Mar d'Estórias you will find all of that and much more! We love its panoramic terrace where you can enjoy the dishes of chef Megan Melling, who combines seasonal ingredients and reinvents them with originality. We still think about her homemade carob and fig dessert!

Our personal favorite : Its azulejo print mural named "Saudade", of course! 

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A house in Lisbon, like a summer dream.
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The eye of the artist, the hand of the craftsman.
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Materials to live by. Facing the Ocean
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